Are you in emotional pain right now? Are you numb or depressed? Do you feel blocked in love, expression, creativity and/or abundance? Are you heartbroken? Struggling in relationship? Or looking for the One? Your relational wounds may be preventing you from feeling joy in the present. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong to feel what you feel in your heart. Feeling is healing. Honor your triggers and grievances with deep compassion, love, acceptance and understanding.

I am a Heart Healer & I work with Relationship Trauma; personal, romantic, family, friends, business, & all other forms of relationships. Begin your healing now.  Let’s connect today!


You don’t seek love, you are love. <3

Is this you?
You are in emotional pain. You feel disconnected on numb. You are getting over a break-up, struggling in relationship, or looking for love in all the wrong places. Your heart feels wounded, or you’re obsessing over a past love, and can’t let go. You feel unseen, unheard, and unappreciated for who you really are. You are unhappy alone. You keep meeting the wrong people, or feel hopeless in finding love.

You are the One for you.
When you built a healthy self-esteem, love and accept yourself fully, just as you are, you are free. You begin to open to authentic and healthy connection. When you breathe, hold your wounds with deep love and compassion, your heart begins to open to new possibilities. When you take responsibility for your own happiness, you discover yourself as unconditional love, and your own source of everything you need; Love, Life-force, Power and Joy.

I can help.
I’ve helped hundreds of people rebuild their self-esteem, heal relationship trauma; unleash their life-force energy, reconnect with their own love and power, and live life in health and authenticity. When you discover yourself as your own source of everything you need, you will only accept healthy relationships that serve your highest good. If this resonates and you are ready to begin your healing journey, let’s connect  today!

Work With Me


INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (Online & In-person in West LA area)
In our one-on-one sessions our main focus is to help you heal your emotional trauma; drop deeper into your heart, and connect with your authentic presence.  As a Heart Healer, I hold space for you to Clear Past & Present Relationships, Release Heartbreak, Betrayal & Trauma, Heal Unresolved Emotional Wounds.  Basically I hold space for you to Be Beautifully & Authentically You. Your healing journey is unique to you. Depending on your history, and where the journey takes us, we may dive deeper into certain healing practices more than others. We gently encourage & empower your Soul’s guidance in Love, Self-healing, Awakening, & Peace.


Group-work is a very powerful healing & connection tool. We meet once or twice a week over zoom, for an hour, to build intimacy through authentic presence & group connecting exercises. These sessions are fun, powerful, & healing. Depending on the size of the group, if time permits, participants get a chance to also do an individual check in & receive feedback from me and others. Message me directly for more info.

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“Melissa is by far the most effective therapist I’ve ever had. I accomplished more personal growth and healing after one year of working with her, than I had in any other types of traditional CBT or 12 step recovery program. She’s been a miracle worker and a blessing in helping me to heal past wounds and overcome my C-PTSD“ Carrie Gates

“As an entrepreneur, the practice of relaxation hypnosis with Melissa has become an invaluable activity. It helps me maintain an intimate relationship with uncertainty, which in turn helps me create a more intimate relationship with myself, in connecting with and listening to my guiding intuition. Melissa’s therapy allows me to make critical decisions that are aligned with my values.” Joseph Sanginario

“Working with Melissa has been such an integral part of my journey to create the life I’ve envisioned for myself. She intuitively understands where I am on my path and how to support me in manifesting my fullest potential. Her hypnosis is a truly beautiful and healing experience. I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with Melissa.” Sarah Moss

Let’s connect

In the call we will:

  • Find out what’s going on for you at present time
  • Look at what may be holding you back
  • Explore how I could be of help

I look forward to heairng from you! <3

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Meet Melissa Rebronja 

I’m no stranger to trauma. I’ve travelled a long way to be who I am today. I was raised in a harsh family environment, born in a country eventually destroyed by war. I’ve gone through many relationships, in which I’ve learned valuable lessons that I get to share in my work. I learned that the only way out is through; feeling and processing the past, surrendering and trusting the future, living fully in the present, here, now, –  all while being gentle with myself.  Today, I am in a happy marriage, in a healthy relationship with myself, my husband, my family & friends. I’m a Heart Healer with 20 years experience helping people heal their relationship trauma, and empower themselves to live authentically.

I combine a few different modalities including: Relationship & Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Energy-work, & more. I hold a safe space for you to relax into your Authentic Presence. I completed my B.A.A. at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON, with Psychology electives as my favorite subject. I received my Life Skills Coaching & Counseling Certification from Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, BC. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt),  Ecopsychologist, and Energy-work Practitioner currently residing in California. 

I have musical albums released as Melissa Rebronja and EMAR singing devotional music in over ten different languages. I am currently releasing guided meditations as Missy Heart. I am also a host of Sacred Body Events: Reclaim Your Feminine Power

If my work resonates, send me a note now. I’d love to hear from you: let’s connect