Sacred Body Events grew out of the initial Sacred Body Summit held in late October 2020. It was such an empowering experience for the speakers and attendees that we’ve been inspired to continue the momentum of empowering feminine energy with regular events.

Sacred Body Events
are regularly-scheduled classes or presentations for wise women, by wise women with this mission: to provide practices and tools to help you connect with your body and to inspire your feminine power. Most of the events are free, some by donation. Each virtual event (via Zoom) will feature a single speaker who provides a fully-immersive experience of her offering.

All events are hosted and moderated by Melissa Rebronja Henshall CHt.


Tammy Cunningham
Tammy Cunningham: The 3-Step Feminine Communication Workshop
Saturday, January 16, 2021
10AM – 12PM PT / 1 – 3PM ET

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Event Description: 
The 3-step process is a simple communication tool.  Yet it is a powerful way to approach your life in the most conscious and uplifting way. All it takes is knowledge and a little practice. Our lives are better when we are able to handle everything that comes our way powerfully, with grace and clarity.  We can often struggle to have courage to use our voice in the face of conflict and our own triggers. This comes down to how we speak to ourselves and others.  Most of our communication skills have been learned by watching others.  We are unconsciously recreating the drama and hardship we have learned by observing and experiencing our family, friends, public figures and even fictional characters in tv and movies. The 3-step process is a conscious, relationship and life affirming process that you can apply throughout your life situations.  At the end of the workshop you are likely to feel exhilarated, with an inspired outlook and deeper understanding of how to speak to people and what people are saying.

This event is by donation. No woman is turned away for a lack of funds. All are welcome.
($20 suggested. PayPal or interac your donation to

Tammy Cunningham is a Communications Expert, Facilitator, Personal & Professional Consultant.
For more on Tammy & her work, please go to:



LisaErickson 2
Lisa Erickson: The Patriarchy & Persecution Energy Healing
Saturday, December 12, 2020
10AM – 12PM Pacific Time
Lisa Erickson is a Healer, Author, Teacher specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing.
For more on Lisa and her work, please go to:


Meloney Hudson
Meloney Hudson: Venus Rising Yoni Yoga Full Immersion Practice
Saturday, December 5, 2020
10AM – 12PM Pacific Time
Meloney Hudson is an Author, Producer, Teacher of women’s empowerment practices.
For more on Meloney and her work, please go to:

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