You are invited to a FREE Sacred Body Summit: Reclaim Your Feminine Power
on Sunday, October 25th from 10am – 6pm PDT!  

Love your body! Reclaim your power!

Come spend the day in Sacred Sisterhood with other Wise Women!


Do you feel disconnected from your body and true power?

Are beliefs about yourself diminishing your joy and holding you back?

Are you ready to dive into the deepest part of yourself and spirit and step into your authentic power?

Then, the Sacred Body Summit is for you.  Loving your body is the first step toward authentic power.

The Sacred Body Summit is a FREE EVENT and valuable opportunity to receive ancient and modern wisdom to awaken and heal your miraculous feminine body and authentic nature, so that you may become your most potent and positive Self.

It’s time to recover from our past and step up into a powerful feminine future.

This Sacred Sunday one-day event features Wise Women who are teachers, spiritual leaders and health practitioners. Each is on a mission to help women remember the sacredness of who they are. This is a live summit and you’ll be in a space of sisterhood where you can interact directly with the presenters and learn from each other.

The Wise Women teachings include:

· The secrets of Goddess cultures and other women’s history they don’t teach in school
· Healing trauma that is stored in the body
· Harnessing your Yoni power for deeper self-love and discovery of your truth
· Ritual to honor sacred sisters and ourselves
· Communication tools for protection and power
· Tantric practices to support to your authentic feminine nature

Transform the feminine collective!

This is an opportunity for you to step out of your smallness and into the powerful truth of who you are. Your transformation feeds into the evolution of our world. When your self-love and appreciation increases, the energy of all women – and our entire society – is heightened.

Sign up now to discover YOUR sacred body and feminine power!

Melissa Rebronja Henshall CHt

Melissa Rebronja Henshall CHt

Host, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Founder of Heal Your Heart


Love TaShia Asanti

Love TaShia Asanti

Author, Priestess, Founder of I Teach Love Institute


Ava Park

Ava Park

Priestess, Founder of Museum of Woman & Goddess Temple of OC


Lisa Erickson

Lisa Erickson

Healer, Author,Teacher specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing


Tammy Cunningham

Tammy Cunningham

Communications Expert, Facilitator, Personal & Professional Consultant
Taina Ixchel MA, CHHC

Taina Ixchel MA, CHHC

Magnetic Empowerment Coach, Tantra Teacher, Spiritual Guide
Sonya Chapnick

Sonya Chapnick

Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Meloney Hudson

Meloney Hudson

Author, Producer, Teacher of women’s empowerment practices


10 am: Remembering Our Yoni Power – Meloney Hudson

11 am: The Influence of Patriarchy on the Female – Ava Park

12 pm: Healing Sexual Trauma & Women’s Energetics – Lisa Erickson

1 pm:   Lunch Break

2 pm:   A Ritual Remembering of the Souls of Black Women – Love TaShia Asanti

3 pm:   Empower from Within through Body, Mind & Breath – Sonya Chapnick

4 pm:   Feminine Leadership & Communication – Tammy Cunningham

5 pm:   Chakra Rotation Empowerment – Taina Ixchael Jorda-Cid

6 pm:   Close

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